Difficult life lessons we need to learn for emotional growth

From navigating disappointments to learning through failures, here are a few life lessons we need to learn.

All of us, at some point in life, have gone through situations where we have learnt a lot. Growing up mentally and emotionally includes understanding ourselves better, having awareness about our own thoughts, emotions and vision. The perspectives and opinions that we own ae susceptible to change as we learn to navigate through life. Addressing emotional growth and how it happens, Therapist Israa Nasir wrote, "Emotional growth is hard work. It's a thing we keep doing, as long as we are alive. And yes, it can be painful. But if you fall in love with the process of it and approach yourself with curiosity instead of judgement, openness instead of shame, and hope instead of fear - then, you'll get there."

Israa further noted down a few life lessons that we need to know for our own emotional growth:


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Not everyone will like you: Often we try very hard to please everyone around us. This further makes us keep others as a priority ahead of our own emotions and needs. However, the truth is not everyone will like us. Sometimes we just need to sit with the discomfort of knowing that we cannot please everyone. Instead, we should focus on our needs and wants more.

Being vocal: As we grow up, we need to understand that people cannot understand our needs if we do not talk about it. Clear and honest communication is one of the building blocks of a healthy relationship, and we need to learn to be vocal about our needs, wants and expectations from the other person.

Disappointments: Even though disappointments will come, we should not stop being vulnerable to the people will love. Instead, we need to learn to forgive and move on and seek our own mental peace.

Nothing is permanent: The golden words – This too shall pass – are a constant in life. Holding on to good times or the bad times won't make it permanent. Things change, and lives change.

Controlling the response: As we grow up, we learn to understand that nothing is in our control. However, the way things affect us, the way we choose to respond and the way we want to build our lives are in our control.

Failure and rejection: The fear of failure and rejection have killed more dreams than anything else. We should focus on our hard work and let time take its course. If success comes, great, and if failure comes, it is always a good lesson to start all over again with.

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