Designer tricks for choosing the perfect colour palette for your abode

A fresh coat of paint keeps out moisture, dust, allergens from the walls

Planning to give your humble abode a makeover? Paint is the cheapest and the most satisfying way to change the vibe of your home, albeit not the quickest or the most convenient way. A fresh coat of paint keeps out moisture, dust, allergens from the walls. A new coat increases the life of a value and make it saleable if you are giving it to the market.

Which paint to choose

You can choose between oil-based paint or latex paint. With latex paints, you can easily clean up walls if you have kids who love to scribble. It is durable, water resistant and doesn’t gets faded easily.  Oil based paints are good for priming real wood mouldings, but it takes longer to dry up.

Choose glossier paints for the children’s room as removing stains is easier. For kitchens and bathroom you can do with a semi-gloss paint . Try satin sheen paints for the living area. However, glossy paints can make blemishes and imperfections on wall more visible. In such case use flat or matte paint.

How to choose apt colour for rooms

Narrow down on all the options, room wise. Always sample a paint colour you are considering. If still not sure how it will look after the final coat, start with a less used bathroom or a corner wall or area between rooms.

If you are painting your new home, first choose the furniture and then consider the shades that will compliment the furnishing, interiors of the house.

While choosing colour for your room , think about the mood it will set, you will want soothing tones in your resting area like mauve, light pink for bedroom, dining room can be vibrant and appetizing. Living area also needs to have warmers hues to make it feel more sociable.

Limit your palette to just three colours. This is an ideal strategy in any space. You can go for a 6:3:2 ratio for light, medium and dark colours respectively. This technique will help in giving an evened-out finish.

Try to pick a shade depending on the amount of light that enters your room. If you are living in a house with no sufficient sunlight, choose lighter shades and darker ones will make the space look even more smaller. Also consider the lights you will be using and where before picking a shade.

You can visit paint company sites, Pinterest and other social media platforms and more for creating inspiration boards for your favourite ideas, so you can keep all your ideas in one spot.

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