Delivery Agent Leaps from 3rd Floor to Evade Dog Attack in Hyderabad

According to the police, a Labrador dog, which was reportedly not restrained, began barking and aggressively approached Mohammed Ilyas (27), a delivery agent employed by Amazon.

An Adelivery person was hurt when he fell from the third storey of a Hyderabad building in an attempt to escape the customer's pet dog.

On Sunday, the incident took place at Manikonda's Panchavati Colony.

The delivery agent, Mohammed Ilyas (27), who works for Amazon, was allegedly charged by an untied Labrador dog after it began to bark.

He jumped from the third story out of terror.Ilyas broke several bones as he tripped and hit the building's sidewall.He was checked into a hospital where it was determined he was safe.Ilyas' statement was recorded by Raidurgam police.

On Monday, the police filed a complaint against the owner of the unit for animal neglect in accordance with section 289 of the Indian Penal Code.

Shaik Salahuddin, the president of the Telangana Gig and Platform Workers Union (TGPWU), asked that the dog owner pay for the delivery agent's medical care.

In Hyderabad, there have been two similar incidents in the last four months.

A similar tragedy claimed the life of a 23-year-old restaurant delivery lad in January.

In Banjara Hills, Mohammed Rizwan (23), a Swiggy employee, had gone to an apartment complex.

In order to avoid being attacked by a pet dog, he leaped off the third level of a building. He had suffered serious wounds, and four days later he passed away in a hospital.

The TGPWU has meantime urged dog owners to restrain their pets until the delivery agents arrive to deliver their purchases.

Ilyas was hurt while performing his job, thus the union demanded that Amazon pay him Rs 1,000 per day during his recovery.

Salahuddin requested Greater Hyderabad Mayor Vijayalakshmi Gadwal and Municipal Administration Minister K. T. Rama Rao to declare that dog owners will be held accountable in these situations.