Delhi Set to Have 250 Women-only 'Pink Parks' : Report

To guarantee that women have a pleasant horticultural environment, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi is creating "pink parks" with surveillance cameras, restrooms, gyms, and graffiti-covered walls.

250 "pink parks" that are exclusively for women are going to be built in India's capital where men will be denied admission. Aaley Mohammad Iqbal, the deputy mayor of Delhi, claimed that they have begun the process of locating potential sites for women-only 'pink parks' in each MCD ward.

Statement from Iqbal

"Recently, in a meeting with Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, I cited the example of a 'pink park' in my ward (Chandni Mahal) in old Delhi and suggested that such parks can be set up in all wards,” Iqbal said,as quoted by WION. "My idea found resonance with the Chief Minister and later, in a meeting of the civic body's Horticulture department, I proposed that each ward should have at least one such park," he added.

"Many councillors have been told to look for locations in their wards already. This initiative is to provide better and safer places for women in public parks and I am hopeful that even councillors from other parties will co-operate in achieving this vision," he said while speaking to news agency Press Trust of India.

"A 'pink park' sounds very good but we, as a civic body, cannot just restrict access to a large segment of the male population, which include elderly people too, who may not agree to a public park being restricted to be used by people of just one gender," he stated.

"We will work on it as and when we get a request from an area councillor. If there is a demand from the residents and the councillors who represent them make a proposal for such women-only parks, we will take it forward," the official added.

Preparations already started

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) has authority over 250 wards. 'Pink Park' on Mata Sundari Road had already been established as a trial project, according to Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) councillor Iqbal. In the parks in question, ladies can be joined by kids up to the age of 10, he added.

In other wards, administrators will use the same approach. To provide a nice environment for the women, the "pink parks" in the capital will have surveillance systems, restrooms, gym facilities, and walls covered with graffiti.