Cycling 16 km to school, Assam girl secures 4th position in Class 10 exam

The girl’s father said his daughter used to study under a tree because they don’t have steady electricity at home

A shopkeeper’s daughter, who used to ride bicycle 16 kilometres to reach school, has secured fourth position in the Class 10 board examination in Assam.

The girl, 16-year-old Sinam Jaiphabi Chanu said, “The road that connects my house to school is broken and muddy. On sunny and rainy days, I used to face difficulties going to school on my bicycle. But I knew that I had to complete my studies, I didn’t give myself another option.”

Her house is located at Chandpur village near Sonai River, which is 46 kilometres from Silchar town, the headquarters of Cachar district in the southern Assam region. They collect water from Sonai River and purify it, using home methods, to make it drinkable.

Her mother, Ibema Devi cleared the Assam Government’s Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) in 2012 but could not secure a job as she had already crossed the upper age limit for teaching positions in government schools. She said Chanu wants to study Software Engineering because she is curious about Artificial Intelligence.

“I don’t have computer or laptop to learn coding, but I am confident that one day I’ll have the chance,” Chanu told HT.

Chanu’s father Sinam Ibocha Singha, who also drives trucks besides running a shop, was Gaon Panchayat president once.

“They are happy with the basic facilities I am trying to avail them. Like other students, they are not getting private tuition classes. My daughter used to study under a tree because we don’t have steady electricity at home. But these obstacles didn’t stop her achieving her goals,” he said.

Chanu said she is planning to move Guwahati for further studies and wants to prepare for engineering entrance examinations simultaneously.

In another case, a 16-year-old student in Cachar district jumped into Barak River after she failed in Class 10 board examination. Two hours later, her body was recovered from Barak river by the locals.

The student identified as Asma Begum Barbhuiya appeared in the examination from Ganirgram JRH school examination centre in Katigorah. Police said that they are investigating the matter and the body has been sent to Silchar Medical College and Hospitals for post-mortem.

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