Creative Ways of Using Coffee Grounds in your Home

Forget splurging on plush products,and find out what wonders coffee can do for you! Throwing away the grounds after every brew is a sorry waste of all the organic matter that could have been extracted for the goodness of skin, plants and clean home. Balm for Refrigerator: The wasted coffee grounds can be excellent for the odour-absorbing prowess. If you have a habit of cramming food inside the refrigerator without giving its due wash, a dank smell comes out every time you open the fridge. Inside the fridge, put a bowl of coffee grounds overnight and see the magic! Garden Fertilizer: Coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen, calcium, magnesium are ideal for composting. If you have a knack for growing a blooming garden on your balcony, terrace or lawn, use the leftover coffee as compost, or just sprinkle about one part of coffee grounds to five parts of the soil. This ritual can be performed sporadically too. All you need is to store away the grounds in dry containers for garden use whenever it is comfortable in your schedule. Decolonise your Home: Often bugged by ants, pests and snails crawling aimlessly inside your house? Try sprinkling the coffee grounds around the crowded colonies or somewhere where the ants can eat the crumbles. Caffeine found in the grounds is repulsive to ants and the remedy steadily decreases ant population. The strategy is pretty useful for keeping at bay the monstrous cavalry of garden ants that gnaw at the green, baby plants. Scrape off Stubborn Stains: The abrasive quality of coffee grounds scrubs clean any stain, grease, caked-on food or burns on the utensils. Grounds can be used alone or perhaps mixed with soap on a soft sponge. After every episode of oily cooking, baking or roasting the pans, trust the grounds to be your saviour! Homemade Body Scrub: After a long, exhausting day, allow yourself a healthy, organic scrub of coffee grounds mixed in coconut oil. The exfoliating qualities are amazing for your skin which feels well-scrubbed and glowing after the process. Besides a simple round of exfoliation, the grounds can be used to treat acne-bruised skin, scalp and hair. The grounds can also be grated with brown sugar and lemon juice as an antibacterial scrub. Clean the Fireplace: Before you plunge into the cleaning regimen, use damp coffee grounds on the surface to prevent the mess of residual dust. Coffee grounds weigh down the dust which causes an allergic cloud of debris.