Common objects that may go obsolete in the future

If you remember Floppy Disks, Walkman, audio cassettes, you would know that they existed and now are totally obsolete and irrelevant. With technology evolving ever so fast, we are sure that many things that we use, see and like today will disappear in near future. Here are some such things to look out for.

Shopping Malls

Back in the days when consumerism started to grow, departmental stores were replaced by flashy malls. These malls were the hub of consumerism and glorified meeting place for young adults. But the last decade has witnessed a vast expansion of the online space leading to which a significant amount of people has moved to online shopping platforms. As the personalization increase on the online space, surely lots of physical commercial centers and malls will start disappearing.

 External Hard Drives

This surely is counter-intuitive in the world where people need more and more data to store their personal and work-related stuff. External Hard Drives have surely been the go-to solution till now, but in the future, we foresee cloud-based storage solutions taking over. In the cloud, your data is easily stored, accessible across platforms at all times, and often comes very cheap, free at times.

Print Newspaper and Magazine

We all have witnessed a time when the newspaper guy used to drop a copy in the morning and rows of magazines used to take retail space in the departmental store check-out area. However, in recent times these newspapers and magazines have moved on to the digital platform and can be accessed over smartphones, tablets, and laptops. That is the future, though it takes away the fun of reading from a physical copy.

 Buying DVDs, Blu-Rays, or music CDs

When was the last time you bought a DVD or CD? With the advent of streaming and on-demand services, the cost and hassle of buying and maintaining a physical device are removed. Even the physical entertainment stores have disappeared now as the popularity of the online music marketplace rises. Though, some collectors and connoisseurs may continue to hunt for classic vinyl records.

Cheque Books

The pandemic has rocketed the use of online transactions making ATM, cash, and paper bills redundant. Even checkbooks that were once the sole source of transacting when it came to paying rent, educational fees, buying a car, or paying for marriage expenses are lying in the drawers gathering dust. Digital wallets like PayPal, Google Wallet, PayTM, and several others are the future.

We have already seen alarm clocks, digital cameras, cables headphones, calculators losing relevance. Look out for the future as technology thrives.

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