Common dog habits and what do they mean

Canine signs that tell how your dog is feeling. Dogs are adorable. Dogs chasing their tail might seem amusing but there is a reason behind it. Have you noticed dogs with habits that are quirky? Like they wake you every morning by licking your hands or wait for you at the door for you to come back from workor sit on their legs. All dogs have their quirky habits. Certain things they do can indicate mental state and health concerns as well. Here are the most common dog habits and what they mean. Chasing their tail Watching your dog go in circles like they are chasing their tails might amuse you but it can be a sign of underlying health issue. But if you catch your dog compulsively going in circles this might indicate an ear infection. Older dogs might have idiopathic vestibular syndrome. Also compulsively chasing tails might end up in the dog injuring themselves. Food burying Dogs dig for many reasons:  to hide, to find a spot to lie in, to track animals, to escape. If you find your dog digging inside the house, like clawing at blankets, or digging on the couch, it could be because they are making the place comfortable to lie in. Sometimes, dogs also hide treats or food between couch cushions, especially if there are other pet siblings in the house. Licking others Licking people’s faces or other animals is your dog’s way to appease them. It’s their way to communicate to other animal that they want to be friends. Eating poop Eating faeces is common in dogs. Young dogs watch their mothers clean them and pick up the habit from them. It could also mean nutritional deficiencies. Sometimes if a dog is scared, the fear makes them eat their feces. Pressing their head against something Ever find your dog standing with their head against a wall? Take it seriously. Head pressing could mean a serious problem like poisoning or brain tumour. Not to alarm anyone but dogs have a high chance of getting brain disease. Turning around in sleep When dogs circle a few times before lying down, it is simply because they are trying to find a comfortable place to sleep in. Sitting on your feet between your legs This might seem like a protective stance but is also indicative of fear. They are physically staying close to you and trying to feel safer. Scooting When a dog drags itself across the floor on their bottoms, it means something is irritating their anus and should be checked immediately.