Common cat habits explained

Cats, with their habits. Gotta love them, right?

Feline pets are adorable. Cats are easy to love, even though they barely give you the time of the day. They are full of antics and some weird habits. That cute habit – kneading with their paws – makes you go googly eyes but there’s a reason why they do it.

Some of the cat habits are commonly seen on the regular. Here is a list.

Cat blink

Ever find a cat slow blink at you? Ever notice how they are across the room from youand they gaze at you from afar, blinking ever so slowly? It’s their way to tell you that they are comfortable in your presence. Slow blinking is a way to show they acknowledge your presence and doesn’t mind you.

Kneading with their paws

Commonly called making biscuits with their paws, cats reminisce the days when they had to knead the mammary glands of their mothers for milk. It makes them comfortable and calm them as it reminds them of their nursing days.

“Gift” bringing

Every cat parent has had their cat bring them carcass of an animal their cat has hunted. The “gifts” are usually a sign that your cat wants to show off their hunting abilities. It could also mean they are trying to mother you and teach you how to hunt.

Head butting your face

When cats head butt your face, they are showing affection to you. They sometimes to do it when they want attention and in need of rubs and scratches.


Often house cats gaze outside and chatter their teeth watching a bird or other animal outside. It’s their animalistic hunting instincts kicking in. It is a sign of frustration of not being able to hunt or could of sheer excitement.

Lying belly up

Cats are vulnerable when they lie belly up. If a cat lies with their belly up and legs open, it shows they trust you and are super comfortable around you. Flopping down beside you is a sign they need scratches and rubs right then and there.

Chewing or eating non-food items

Chewing on non-food items like wooden sticks, woollen items, rubber bands is usually a sign of boredom, anxiety or illness. It can be dangerous if they do it too often as it can cause blockage, choking or stomach issues.

Napping in tight places

Cats have intense love for tight spots, like boxes. They often ditch the fancy, comfortable, very expensive cat bed for a cardboard box. It’s because cats feel safer in tight spots.

Dashing through the room

Sprinting across the room is a sign that the cat has activated energetic mode. It could also be a reaction to catnip.

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