Classic Comedy shows on Indian television which would tickle your funny bone

Let us relive those golden times when Indian television boasted of rib-tickling comedy.

Comedy is such a versatile genre which is loved by everyone. Now and then your channel scrolling stops at a comedy show. And the best part about a good comedy show is its repeat value. You can watch the same series again and again without getting bored. There are many classic shows of yesteryears of Indian television which are funny and refreshing. Here is the list of classic comedy shows on Indian television.

  1. Dekh Bhai Dekh

With a stellar star-cast, Dekh Bhai Dekh was one of the popular show in the 90s. The funny antics of Dewan family was loved by the audience of all ages. The troubles of a joint family, their ups and down were narrated in a joyful and interesting manner. Watch out for Shekhar Suman’s in this one.

  1. Shrimaan Shrimati

Before Reema Lagoo became the tearful mother of Indian movies, she was Koki Ji of a laugh riot, Shrimaan Shrimati. Perfectly personifying the idea of “Love thy Neighbour”, Shrimaan Shrimati is remembered for the captivating performance by Jatin Kanakia, Archana Puran Singh, and Rakesh Bedi.

  1. Hum Paanch

Probably one of the all-time favourite comedies of the 90s. The story of Anand Mathur, his five daughters, wife Beena, and also Anand Mathur’s dead first wife. The antics of Mathur sister places Anand Mathur in a strange situation. Fun fact: It was VidyaBalan’s debut in the world of acting.

  1. Flop Show

Satirical comedy owes its existence in Indian television to the great Jaspal Bhatti and his iconic show “Flop Show”. The serial had only ten episodes, and each episode is a satire about various social issues. It remains a classic even after so many years.

  1. Office-Office

Brilliantly portrayed by the talented Pankaj Kapoor, Office-Office is a satire on corrupt government offices. We often see ourselves as Mussadilal, struggling to get his work done in government offices. The theme of corruption is humorously narrated in every episode.

  1. Sarabhai vs Sarabhai

This list cannot be concluded without citing the cult-classic of 2000s, Sarabhai vs Sarabhai. The story of an upper-class household who live in posh, south Bombay. Maya Sarabhai is the matriarch and social butterfly who despises her middle-class daughter-in-law Monisha Sarabhai. It leads to a hilarious situation which, includes Indravadhan Sarabhai, Sahil Sarabhai, and Roshesh Sarabhai. Watch this one for Roshesh’s rib-tickling poetry.

So, which one is your favourite?

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