Chef Prepares Pizza With 24-Carat Gold Flakes Worth INR 1.63 Lakh; Internet Questions the Motive

Many viewers expressed that they would rather spend Rs 1.6 lakh on plane tickets to Italy for good pizza.

More than just a social food, pizza is a guilty pleasure and comfort dish for a legion of people in every corner of the world. This universally beloved dish rules millions of hearts. Despite all the love for this food, how much is the maximum amount a person is willing to spend on it? We are sure it definitely won’t touch the $2000 mark (approx. 1.63 lakh), right?

Costliest pizza ever

How would you react if we told you that a LA chef named Brooke Baevsky prepared a pizza worth $2000 for her celebrity client? Yes, you read that right. The chef even shared a video showing all the fancy and lavish ingredients she used to prepare this pizza from scratch.

But the internet isn’t pleased. The video opens with Brooke telling her viewers that her celeb "the client wants a $2000 pizza appetizer for dinner tonight, let’s go to Erewhon", a supermarket chain.

In the clip, which is going crazy viral on the internet, Brooke can be seen buying some organic figs, sprouted gluten-free flour blends, adaptogenic mushroom powder, and organic almonds, among others. After purchasing all the expensive ingredients, Brooke’s total at the store came to around $1000 (Rs. 81,700 approximately).

Well, if you think those are all the ingredients she bought to prepare this fancy pizza, then you are mistaken. Brooke also shipped a few ingredients, including some organic manuka honey from New Zealand and some caviar.

Well, if that doesn’t suffice for that hefty amount for a dish, then you must also know that it also contains ounces of edible gold in it. While preparing the dish, the chef revealed that for the toppings, she is using vegan pesto, which contains 24-carat gold flakes.

Take a look!

People’s disappointment

After watching this pizza preparation, internet users are out and about with all sorts of reactions. Several users believed that this was simply a waste of money. Many claimed that they would use this $2000 to travel straight to Italy and try some authentic pizza. A user commented, "I’d rather spend $2k on a flight to Italy for pizza."

The prices of those ingredients honestly left many scratching their heads. As a user commented, "So sad and decadent. Not to mention that the people working at Erewhon’s are paid minimum wage. The $30 (approx Rs 2,000) water bottle is especially insane."

So far, the video has been played more than 1 million times.


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