ChatGPT writes ‘extraordinary’ Shakespearean poem on climate chang

ChatGPT’s answer to a Twitter user asking the bot to write a Shakespearean poem on climate change impressed many.

ChatGPT has been making headlines since its launch. Be it the chatbot acing simulated exams or giving “spot on” answer to being asked about Guinness World Records, social media is filled with posts about interactions with the AI. Just like this post where a man shared how ChatGPT wrote an “extraordinary” poem on climate change in the style of William Shakespeare.

Twitter user Dan Miller, shared a Twitter thread showing how the AI chatbot wrote a poem for him. “I asked #ChatGPT4 to explain #ClimateChange in the voice of #Shakespeare. The result is quite extraordinary,” he tweeted. In the next few tweets, he added a few lines from the poem generated by ChatGPT.

“Prithee, attend, thou gentle souls and wise. To hear a tale of warming in our skies. A change that doth the very earth beset. And causeth all in sundry ways to fret,” reads the first few lines of the poem.

Take a look at the posts to read the entire piece created by the AI:

Since being shared, Miller’s post has received tons of comments from people. Many expressed how the AI generated poem left them impressed.

Here’s how Twitter users reacted:

“It is extraordinary. How long did it take to do that?” asked a Twitter user. To which, Miller replied, “A few seconds.” Another added, “Impressive.” A third reacted, “Wow. That's both incredible and almost alarming if AI came up with that.” A fourth wrote, “Wow, that is amazing.”

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