Cannes 20223: Anurag Kashyap's 'Kennedy' and Kanu Behl's 'Agra' Receive Standing Ovation

Anurag Kashyap's 'Kennedy' premiere and Kanu Behl's 'Agra' received a seven- and five-minute standing ovation, respectively, at the very revered 76th Cannes Film Festival.

Anurag Behl's 'Agra'  

Kanu Behl's Hindi film "Agra" had its world premiere on Wednesday at the 76th Cannes Film Festival, specifically in the Directors' Fortnight section. It is the sole Indian feature selected for the Directors' Fortnight this year and received a standing ovation lasting for five minutes. The premiere event saw the presence of co-writer and director Kanu, along with actors Priyanka Bose and Mohit Agarwal, and producers Siddharth Anand Kumar, Sahil Sharma, and William Jehannin.

Following the premiere, the team of "Agra" shared pictures and videos from the event on various online platforms. Kanu expressed his excitement on Twitter, stating, "The baby is out." Co-producers Yoodlee Films also shared photographs of the team on the red carpet.

"Agra" marks the return of actor Rahul Roy, although he did not attend the Cannes event. The film features Priyanka Bose, newcomer Mohit, Ruhani Sharma, and veteran actors Vibha Chibber, Sonal Jha, and Aanchal Goswami in significant roles. Written by Kanu Behl and Atika Chohan, the film explores the dynamics of sexuality within a family.

Film’s plot

"Guru (25), a sexually repressed young boy, lives in a small house in Agra. He sleeps in the same room as his mother, and on the upper floor, his father lives with a mistress. In an already tiny house, the only available space is the terrace on the upper floor. Guru insists that he loves Mala, an imaginary girl, and will marry her and live with her in a room on the terrace, just like his father does with his mistress."

Kanu Behl, the film director, expressed his heartfelt gratitude after the premiere: "It was overwhelming to see a story that took me on a very personal journey, received with such love and warmth on the global stage. Agra reflects a very specific milieu, but the story it tells about the politics of sexual repression and the tangled skeins of desire is universal, and that's what the audiences responded to. I feel truly rewarded that the film's journey has begun on such an uplifting note. To see it being celebrated in the prestigious Director’s Fortnight at Cannes gives me hope that it will open the way for difficult conversations about things we don't address in our homes."

Anurag Kashyap's 'Kennedy'

Renowned filmmaker Anurag Kashyap has made a triumphant return to the prestigious Cannes Film Festival with his latest creation, 'Kennedy.' Much like his previous acclaimed works such as 'Raman Raghav 2.0,' 'Ugly,' 'Bombay Talkies,' and the two-part gangster epic 'Gangs of Wasseypur,' Kashyap's film has once again garnered an overwhelming response at the festival.

'Kennedy,' a gripping police noir film, captivated the audience at The Grand Lumiere Theatre during its midnight screening at 12:15 a.m. on Thursday (local time). The film received a resounding accolade in the form of a 7-minute standing ovation, showcasing the audience's appreciation for Kashyap's compelling storytelling and filmmaking prowess.

Film’s plot

"Kennedy" chronicles the journey of a sleepless police officer in search of redemption amidst ever-changing circumstances. The film's talented cast, including Rahul Bhatt, Sunny Leone, Shariq Patel, Ranjan Singh, Kabir Ahuja, Bhumika Tewari, Neeraj Joshi, and Ashima Awasthi, also graced the event, further adding to the filmmaker's entourage.

Speaking of Kennedy's premiere and the acclaim it received, Anurag Kashyap said, "It's always special to show your film to the world at Cannes, and it's a lifetime moment to play at the Grand Theatre Lumiere. Kennedy is a very special film to me and extremely personal too. We have put our heart and soul into making this film. The 7-minute long standing ovation from the audience has made me full of gratitude. I am very grateful and excited at the same time."