Busting myths related to compatibility in relationships

From liking the same things to dodging conflicts, here are a few myths related to compatibility.

We often think being similar in relationships is a big win. However, the formula of compatibility depends on various factors. From childhood, we are fed a certain kind of idea about relationships, which in turn makes us shape our expectations about the person and the relationship in a certain way. That’s why, when things do not work out the way we want, we get restless and start to force things. However, the myths related to compatibility are often the reasons that stop people from growing the compatibility that they need for a healthy relationship. "How we perceive compatibility or how media portrays is actually leads us to misconceptions about what compatibility actually means. Assumptions about compatibility can keep us from exploring a potential green flag in a relationship,” wrote therapist Israa Nasir.

She further added, "Being exactly the same and having a one-to-one match in all of our habits, values, interests and skills will lead to a very uninspiring relationship. As humans, we need difference to push against so that we step out of our comfort zones." Israa further busted a few myths related to compatibility:


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Myth: Compatibility means same to everyone.

Truth: Compatibility is an abstract idea – what is compatible for me, may not be compatible for you. It varies from person to person, and when people find their idea of match, they become compatible with them.

Myth: Compatibility means liking the same things.

Truth: Liking the same things and ending up having same opinions about things do not necessarily define compatibility. It is okay if we dislike the things that our partners like. Compatibility means respecting each other's perspectives and their individualities.

Myth: Compatibility is a magical spark of connection.

Truth: Sometimes compatibility can seem boring because the initial anxiety of new relationships or the passion seem to be replaced with understanding and a smooth life.

Myth: Compatible people do not have hard moments.

Truth: Compatibility does not mean that the relationship will be free of fights and conflicts. It means what no matter whatever the situation is, we can find a common ground to make things better.

Myth: Either we are compatible or we are not.

Truth: Compatibility can take time to be built together by the partners who are willing to find a healthy space to take their relationship to the next level.

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