Build Your Immunity with Kiwi

Induce the rich oxidizing fruit in your diet and see your health improve in no time! 

The fuzzy little kiwi is the storehouse of health benefits, and with the sweet and tangy flavouring, we don’t mind having tons every day! Bursting with vitamin C, K, E, potassium and folate, the rich fibre content helps in oxidizing your blood, making kiwi an ideal fruit snacks to munch on. Here is every reason why your fridge should never run out of kiwi stocks!

  1. Helps Cure Asthma-
The high amount of vitamin C and antioxidants concentrated in the fruit can help treat patients with budding asthma problems. It is ideal for those fighting lung infection. Daily doses of the fruit will keep the chronic discomfort of wheezing and coughing at bay!
  1. Aids Digestion-
The fibre content of kiwi is incomparable. The presence of proteolytic enzyme helps break down complex protein in your body and improves the digestion process after consuming a heavy protein meal.
  1. Boosts Immunity-
It is no secret that one way to improve immunity is to increase the nutrition quotient in the diet. Kiwi being the warehouse of vitamins and minerals ward off all unwanted ailments out of your body and keep your body healthy enough to fight all germs and infections that may harm your immunity.
  1. Reduces Unhealthiness-
Oxidative stress results in damaged DNA that gives way to various complex health problems. Consuming high oxidizing fruits like kiwi helps you retain your health and lowers the risk of stressing oxidative.
  1. Keeps Blood Pressure At Check-
If you are struggling to keep your blood pressure in control, a daily bite of kiwi can help you keep the perfect balance. The bioactive substances in kiwi keep all long-term problems that arise from high blood pressure at a distance. It is also ideal for patients who are likely to develop cardiac ailments due to genetic traits in the lineage.
  1. Reduces Blood Clotting-
Being natural blood thinners, kiwi reduces the risks of blood clotting in your veins and arteries. They also reduce the fat content in the bloodstreams gifting you a healthy sporty body.
  1. Ensures Good Vision-
Having kiwi regularly keeps macular degeneration at bay. The high levels of zeaxanthin and lutein contribute to improving your eyesight even at an older age. If you have a family with specs on the nose, you should definitely keep a basket full of kiwis at home.