BMW Concept Touring Coupe is a classic example of shooting brake body style

BMW has taken the wrap off the Concept Touring Coupe, giving us a glimpse of what looks like a perfect example of a shooting brake body style. If we have been amazed by Ferrari's shooting brake body-styled cars so far, BMW has grabbed all the attention now. Since the unveiling of the BMW Concept Touring Coupe concept at the Villa d’Este Concorso d’Eleganza, the car has been making ripples in the automotive world.

The German luxury car brand has claimed that within 24 hours of unveiling the concept, some buyers have expressed interest in the BMW Concept Touring Coupe. However, BMW Group's design director Adrian van Hooydonk has said that the concept is a one-off model at the moment, which indicates that the automaker has no plan to produce it at a mass scale. However, he also said that the car could enter production in future, but at a very low volume. "There's no concrete plans to put it in production. But, we made the agreement before we set sail for Lake Como that, if there's enough interest, we will take a look at it. That could be a very low-volume version, like 50 cars or so," Motor1 has quoted Hooydonk.

Speaking of the design of the BMW CXoncept Touring Coupe, the car is based on the BMW Z4. The automaker claims the concept car draws inspiration from the 40s racing cars. It grabs attention with its signature shooting brake style that we have seen in some of the Ferrari models. When BMW launched the Z3 M Coupe in 2001, it didn't impress the automotive world, especially due to its design which was not very impressive. However, with the latest concept model here, it could be the spiritual successor of the Z3 M Coupe.

The BMW Concept Touring Coupe gets a unique Sparkling Lario exterior paint theme. The automaker claims that this paint theme features flakes of blue glass embedded into the brown paintwork. The car also comes with silver bronze accents and a new grille with vertical bars complementing yh colour scheme. The concept car runs on 20-spoke alloy wheels, meaning 19-inch at the front and 20-inch in the rear.

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