BGMI to Temporarily Return for a 90-Day Testing Period Amidst Strict Government Scrutiny

According to a recent report, BGMI's availability to players in India will not be 24x7, with potential time limits and gameplay restrictions imposed.

There are indications that Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) might make a comeback in India, albeit temporarily. News18, citing government sources, reports that BGMI is expected to undergo a testing period of three months (90 days), during which authorities will closely scrutinize the app to ensure compliance with India's regulations. If no violations are detected during this testing phase, it is likely that the app will be made available without any restrictions.

BGMI, developed and distributed by South Korea-based Krafton, faced a ban in India in July 2022 over security concerns. Prior to BGMI, Krafton's immensely popular PUBG Mobile also encountered a similar ban in the country. During that period, the Indian government implemented bans on multiple Chinese apps to safeguard national security.

According to a recent report, players will not have round-the-clock access to BGMI, as there may be specific time limits and gameplay restrictions in place.

No blood in the game

According to reports, the company has informed the government that the action game would feature "no blood," or potentially a different colour for blood depiction. Notably, Krafton had already changed the blood colour to green in BGMI following the ban on PUBG Mobile. The specific portrayal of blood in BGMI, if the ban is lifted, remains uncertain.

According to a "top-level official," the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) is expected to issue an order in the near future to unblock the app from e-stores.

In March, there were indications of BGMI's potential comeback with comparable stringent limitations. As per reports, the government has also requested developers to modify game settings and UI (user interface) to address concerns about smartphone and gaming addiction. This initiative likely stems from a tragic incident in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, where a teenager allegedly fatally shot his mother after she intervened to stop him from playing BGMI.

Krafton's efforts to revive BGMI

In a similar vein, Krafton has informed India Today Tech that they are actively collaborating with the government to facilitate the return of BGMI to India. The company continues to recognize India as a promising market and has introduced various smartphones and PC games in the country, even after the bans on BGMI and PUBG.

During April, Krafton's independent studio RisingWings introduced Defence Derby in India, offering a distinct gaming experience compared to the battle royale-style of BGMI. Prior to this release, the company had also launched Road to Valor Empires, developed by Dreamotion, and Callisto Protocol for PCs.

Thriving popularity of Battle Royale games

Despite the bans on PUBG and BGMI in India, the popularity of battle royale-style mobile games continues to thrive, thanks to the availability of popular alternatives. Currently, many fans are embracing Call of Duty Mobile as their go-to option, especially with the ban on Garena Free Fire and the discontinuation of Apex Legends Mobile.