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Bengaluru auto driver rides with puppy in his lap, netizens love the video. Watch

Many reacted to the video of the Bengaluru auto driver riding with the puppy, with some saying they wouldn’t mind being stuck in traffic with a puppy in it.

A video of an auto driver riding the vehicle with a puppy in his lap has left netizens thoroughly amused. The video has gone viral on social media and has even collected comments from Instagram users saying they wouldn’t mind being stuck in Bengaluru traffic if they were also riding in an auto with a puppy in it.

“Today I saw an auto driver taking his hooman for a ride! Uber driver: Tommy,” reads the caption of the video shared on Instagram.

The video opens to show the puppy sitting in the lap of the auto driver. As the video progresses, the puppy can be seen keeping its paws on the handle of the auto as if taking its owner out on a ride in the city. A text insert on the video reads, “Dogs never run behind your status, they just want your presence and love! The purest thing I saw today.”

The video was shared four days ago on Instagram. It has since garnered over 3.6 lakh views and more than 33,800 likes. Many even took to the comments section of the video to share their thoughts.

Here’s how Instagram users reacted to this video:

“Have seen many in Bengaluru, and it’s just [love],” expressed an individual.

Another added, “I wouldn’t mind getting stuck in Bengaluru traffic.”

“OMG! Bengaluru must start this. We need petting therapy during our rides, please,” expressed a third.

A fourth shared, “That’s a five-star service right there. Absolutely premium.”

“My heart,” chimed in a fifth.

A sixth joined, “How cute!”

What do you think about this cute video?

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