Beat the seasonal blues with these effective Yogic Kriyas

They are rejuvenating, refreshing and healthy for the body  

The shift and transition through the various seasons is beautiful and mesmerizing but at the same time, it takes a toll on the human body. The winter is symbolic of preparing the body for rebirth in the coming springtime. This also represents urging us to let go of behaviors, habits, and even relationships that no longer serve us as we evolve through the transition of nature. Likewise, each season be it summer or autumn, all have a part to play in the way the human body functions and behaves.

And yoga is a great, simple and effective practice to combat the sad particles running through the body by tapping into the mind-body connection. It is in a way resetting of the nervous system which in turn helps in releasing tension and stress. So grab your mats and find a comfortable spot to begin these easy yoga asanas to feel the change.

Standing Backbend Begin by standing on your mat, feet planted strongly on the floor, firm your glutes and raise your hands up over your head together. Now, pushing your hips forward start looking backward beginning with your neck, and lift your chest up towards the sky. This pose will helps a great deal in opening up the heart and lengthen the body.

Child’s Pose In this pose, the body relaxes and resets in the best way. Sit on your calf’s with your bottom touching the heels. Now sink your hips back toward your heels and lower the body towards your thighs. Slowly, reach your arms out in front of you and rest there for as long as your body allows you to.

Legs up on the wall Positioning your legs up the wall helps in regulating the blood circulation that sometimes gets decreased in the body and aids in breaking up the intense tension in the legs. For this asana sit with your hips close to the wall and stretch your legs up on the wall while your back lay comfortably on the ground. Let the arms relax by your sides.

Revolved triangle pose Also known as Parivrtta Trikonasana, this asana involving twists is great for easy pain-free movement of the lower back, shoulders, and neck. Begin by standing in the tadasana, place hands on the hips, and make sure that the frontal hip bones are square to the front of the mat. Now take a short step back with your right foot, and place it slightly off to the right. As you inhale, extend your right arm to the sky while you place your left hand on your hip and begin to twist your hip by placing the right hand on the floor beneath your right shoulder.