Be A Smart Tackler : 3 Prime Ways To Handle Toxic Positivity At The Workplace

Along with sunshine, the presence of dark clouds is also important in the key to life!

Feeling affected by over-positive colleagues at work? Losing yourself day by day? Don't let positive feelings backfire on you. Not only positive vibes, to be a successful person we have to indulge our negative feelings. There are some colleagues in every office whose irrational positive thinking and cavalier attitude have a considerable impact on their own and others' performance. Let's dive into handling toxic positivity at the workplace.

Secure your company: Make a Safe and productive surrounding

Always try to stay connected with authentic people. You should identify toxic positive people and avoid listening to them or spending time with them. Choose rational and realistic people among your colleagues to discuss work. Make friends with them. At least they won't steer you the wrong way by saying impractical and nonsense things if you're in a bad mood for some reason. They will not advise you to bypass your problems but support you to face them. Enjoy their healthy company and save yourself from mentally ill, toxic people.

Don't cover up real issues: Deal with honesty

If your team is going through a dire situation, it is not possible to survive, despising your flaws and without criticizing your performance. No matter how bad the result is. Clinging to baseless beliefs and treating them in a sophisticated way will do you and your team a disservice. Trust your leader and find solutions collaboratively. If you cover up the situation without pointing them out, others will lose confidence in you. Represent yourself as transparently as possible to your leader and team. If someone tries to cover up problems with positivity, immediately criticise them. It will not affect the productivity of the team due to misconceptions.

No more going with the flow: Be open and keep questioning

If you want to free yourself from toxic optimism, the first thing you need to do is identify it as harmful. Though illogical and absurd daydreaming is tempting, it is extremely detrimental to your career. In your free time avoid idle thoughts. So always try to crosscheck your feelings and decisions. Also, it is important to scrutinize yourself every moment. This can be done through regular meditation. Carry questions and doubts that are forming in your mind. Share them with your colleagues. It may be uncomfortable and boring but it will help you get to the root of the problem. Life is full of conflict. So its results are never one-sided. Sometimes it is necessary to welcome cruel, materialistic thought.