Amit Shah Highlights Modi-Led BJP Government's Nine-Year Journey

In response to the opposition's decision to boycott, Amit Shah commented that everyone reacts based on their "own capacity to think."

Union Home Minister Amit Shah said during a press conference that Prime Minister Narendra Modi's opening of the new Parliament should not be politicised in response to the Opposition's intention to boycott the ceremony.

He also disclosed the government's intention to offer PM Modi a sacred sceptre at the ceremony that will have special historical importance because it was given to Jawaharlal Nehru by Tamil Nadu priests just before Independence. After being presented to the PM at a ceremony on Sunday, the sceptre will be on display in the newly elected Lok Sabha.

The home minister was questioned regarding how the opposition would feel about the sceptre ceremony in light of some opposition parties announcing they would boycott the inauguration because the president had been excluded from the events.

Amit Shah’s statement

"Don’t link this to politics. This is a very sentimental proceeding that is linking new India with our traditions. This should be seen in a limited way. Politics has its own place and everyone reacts based on their own capacity to think," Shah said.

He claimed that all political parties represented in Parliament had been invited by the administration and that they would all show up in accordance with their own "bhaavna," or feeling. He asserted that the Prime Minister's foresight was demonstrated by the building of the new Parliament.

The government started building the new Parliament in January 2021 as part of the expansion of the Central Vista neighbourhood after the Prime Minister laid the cornerstone in December 2020.