Amazon Prime Video Takes a Funny Dig at Netflix for Restricting Password Sharing

Netflix is extending password sharing restrictions to the UK and the US, sending emails about new policies to users in 103 countries. Sharing is limited to households only.


In an effort to revive its subscriber base and increase revenue, Netflix is implementing platform changes, including tighter restrictions on password sharing. The company aims to limit users' sharing of passwords and explore monetization options. Recently, Netflix revealed plans to extend its crackdown on password sharing to additional countries, including the UK and the US.


Netflix's move to curb password sharing opens the door for rivals like Amazon Prime Video UK to playfully mock the policy. The jibe came as Amazon Prime Video shared a 2017 tweet from Netflix declaring, "Love is sharing a password."


In a humorous response, Amazon playfully taunted Netflix by sharing a comical image stating, "Who's watching? Everyone Who Has Our Password: Everyone who has our password (with a heart heart)." The image resembled Netflix's "Who is watching" page but with the Netflix logo replaced by Amazon's name.


Although the post was lighthearted, Amazon Prime Video hinted at the possibility of implementing similar measures in the future. In one of their replies to users, they wrote, "Giggling and tweeting and hoping we don't do the same."


Netflix's Crackdown: Account Sharing Restrictions


As part of its efforts, Netflix has begun sending emails regarding account sharing to users in 103 countries and territories, including the US, UK, France, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Mexico, and Brazil. The emails emphasize that each Netflix account should only be utilized within a single household. Users can opt for password sharing by paying an extra fee, which amounts to $8 (Rs. 661) per month in the US.


Netflix has taken action against the widespread practice of password sharing, estimating that over 100 million users shared their credentials outside their households. New policies emphasize that passwords should only be shared among individuals residing together in one household, termed a "Netflix Household." Only users connected to the same internet connection can access the account.


For those currently borrowing a Netflix password, an update will prompt them to create their own account, with the option to transfer their existing account. While these users can still utilize the same account if they pay, additional users will need to be added to a Standard or Premium plan.