All You Need To Know About 'Forest Therapy'

Here is what you need to know about 'forest therapy'. Forest Therapy is the new wellness trend that is gaining popularity. It focuses on a guided immersion in forests to relax in nature to improve one's mental and physical health. It is a kind of mindfulness that focuses on grounding and fresh air. Here is all you need to know about forest therapy. A Forest Therapy experience involves slow breathing, walking and other activities. Although each experience can be different from one another. Experts say the slow pace of moving through any activity can help to awaken one's senses to focus on the present moment. A forest therapy walk gives participants a chance to slow down and appreciate things they notice around them through the walk. The main purpose of these walks is to leave the stress behind and walkthrough nature with the intention to take in the surrounding. More and more studies are highlighting how beneficial spending time in nature can variously improve one's mental health. Some studies have found carving out some time to spend some time in nature even near your home could reduce stress. In fact, expert suggests spending at least 120 minutes per week out in nature should be a must for humans. When you break it down, that is only about 20 minutes a day, which could have a massive impact on your well-being for the better. One study found that participants who spent 20 minutes in nature doing an activity of their choice reduced stress hormones and cortisol by almost 20 per cent. Another study showed a 90-minute nature walk could help one de-stress and improve one's mood. Forest therapy is rooted in the Japanese practice of Shinrin-yoku, which when translated means “forest bathing.” Many researchers believe forest bathing can help improve the overall quality of life. Here are some ways you can try and experience forest therapy for yourself. First, you need to find a place close to home where you can immerse yourself in nature no matter how short the trail. You can also forest bathe along the seashore if that is convenient for you. Make sure there are spots where you can sit and rest. Take in the natural sounds like the waves crashing, wind in the trees, or the birdcalls. Spend at least 20 minutes in this space and focus on taking it all in. Journal your experience to see if it makes any improvements in your life.