All you ever wanted to know about the Durongdej sisters

Glamour is personified with Durongdej siblings. They are the star factor in the family business, driving their father’s vision into a new era of success. Talk of Durongdej family and not talk about what ‘crazy rich asians’ lifestyle they flaunt would be unfair. Let’s get to know the inner worlds of this powerful family that plays a major role in the water resource management of Thailand. The business is frontlined by the two fashionista sisters, setting new goals for feminist entrepreneurs. In this article we will get to know some of the peculiar but deeply personal details of these two beautiful Durongdej sisters.

When you get the two sisters chatting, you sure are in for a treat, Fay and Kaimook looked ravishing in their royal look. The two were in for a special cover shoot with a glamour magazine when the reporters approached them for an informal chitchat.

Fay talks about her journey of being a working mother. She is now the managing director of Iceland Spring Thailand and a Director at Mazuma Thailand.

“Being a great mother is not easy. So, having a balanced life between being a great mother and also a working mom, trying to work as best as I can in my role and also raising the twins.”

The Corporate Communications head, Kaimook is excited about her work but mostly she is excited about getting to work hand in hand with her sister. She happens to be a great singer too, and she dedicates a song that goes, ‘My sister is my hero’.

The conversation covered a range of interesting topics, such as who among the two, who spends more or cooks better or, who would be a talented singer if they weren’t business tycoons.

“You remember that time when we had to go on a cooking show,” asks Fay, Kaimook bursts out in laughter, completing her sister’s sentence, “Oh, you had to taste my cooking. It was so salty.” Though they deny having any culinary talents, Durongdej sisters sure are ‘good at eating.’

Setting a tone to the kind of lifestyles that these two sisters are the poster girls of, the chat delves into some tricky questions as well. They would have to prove how well they know each other, over the course of this chat, and guess what, they passed with flying colours. After the Kardashian sisters, these two are surely making up the charts of #sistergoals.

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