Afternoon Wrap-Up: Indians Ordered Mangoes Worth Rs 25 Crore On Zepto In April, Change In Subscription Plan Doing Wonders For Netflix, And Other Important News Of The Day

From Indians ordering Rs 25 crore worth mangoes in April to Netflix’s change in plans, here’s an afternoon wrap-up of top news reviews and trending stories.

Did you know Indians ordered mangoes worth Rs 25 crore on Zepto in April?

With the mango season here, it would not be wrong to say that India’s obsession with the king of fruits is on its zenith. And given the heat, people are not heading to fruit markets, but instead, are taking to online stores to buy mangoes. Know more.

Change in subscription plan doing wonders for Netflix

The $7-a-month plan, less than half the price of its most popular offering, is aimed at juicing growth in an industry where new streaming customers have been harder to come by, particularly domestically. Know more.

AWS to invest $12.7 bn in building cloud infrastructure in India by 2030

The planned investment in data centre infrastructure in India will support an estimated average of 1,31,700 full-time equivalent jobs in Indian businesses each year, said the company. Know more.

Japan’s Big Four to Collaborate to Focus on Small Hydrogen Engines

Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Honda—the big four of Japan—have received a green signal from the ministry to form a technical research group. Know more.

India’s Himalayan Telescope observes one of the most energetic objects

The Indian Astronomical Observatory located in Hanle of Ladakh has joined hands with 10 other global telescopes to observe the brightening of BL Lacertae (BL Lac), a blazar located about 950 million light years away from Earth. Know more.