Actor Ajith Kumar Gifts a BMW Superbike to Fellow Rider

Sugat Satpathy, a fellow rider and tour organiser, received a BMW superbike valued at Rs 12 lakh as a present from Ajith Kumar.

Ajith Kumar enjoys riding his motorcycle and has explored the entire nation as well as Nepal, Bhutan, and some of Europe. Ajith made a kind gesture that has gone viral on social media as he prepares for the next part of his bike tour in November.

Together with fellow tourist Sugat Satpathy, the actor from Thunivu traversed Nepal and Bhutan. Sugat organised his Nepal bike vacation, which ended on May 6. As a thank you, Ajith gave him a BMW superbike worth Rs 12 lakh.

On May 23, tourist Sugat Satpathy announced on social media that he had twice set up Ajith's bike journey. As a surprise, the celebrity gave him a BMW superbike valued at Rs 12 lakh.

The post

He wrote, "During the end of the same year [2022], I got super lucky. I would say privileged to get in touch with Mr Ajith Kumar #ajithkumar , who is one of the biggest super star of Tamil movie industry. Also an avid biker who rides a Adventure bike with pure class. Later, I organised a complete North-east tour for him and was riding with him on my trustworthy years old Duke 390. Following the ride, he promised of doing one more tour of Nepal n Bhutan with me(part of his world tour plan). Which we completed Recently on 6th of may. Throughout the ride, we created many unforgettable memories, rode incredible miles, witnessed many beautiful sunsets and sunrises.(sic)."
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He further added, "They say you meet the nicest people on motorcycle. I'd say I met the best possible human being. Regardless the fame he has, i was star-strucked by his humbleness and happy-go-lucky aura. There's a simple man behind the superstar willing to live life in the larger way! And by larger I don't mean luxury but peace of mind. This F850GS right here, means so much to me rather than being just a motorcycle. It is gifted to me by him(#ajithkumar) YES! IT'S A GIFT. from Anna to me, with lots of love. He didn't think twice. He just wanted me to have this beautiful looking F850GS , capable enough to explore the globe (sic)."

Ajith Kumar's work front

Ajith Kumar's most recent appearance was in the Netflix streaming film Thunivu, directed by H. Vinoth. The actor is currently taking a break from work. He will soon begin production on his upcoming movie, Vidaa Muyarchi, alongside director Magizh Thirumeni. Soon, the cast and crew of this movie will be revealed.

According to earlier reports, he will work with filmmaker Vignesh Shivan. However, the director and producer's creative disputes led to the project's cancellation.