Abs workouts for great core strength

Sculpt those abs whilst strengthening your core with these tight ab workouts.

A six-pack abs is not that there is to a great core. Core and abs workouts are tailored to improve many aspects of the workout routine. It isn’t just about brownie points at the gym. You need a great core to squat heavy. A stronger core means better balance, better posture and can aid in reducing back pain.

The core consists of all the muscles between the chest and the hips. Contributing to killer abs are the rectus abdominus, which rundown the front of the stomach. Transverse abdominus are the muscles around the stomach and the obliques are the muscles known as the side abs. All these muscles make the core. Solid abs workouts like deadbugs, hollow holds, side planks – that work all the muscles simultaneously can provide a good workout for the core.

To get a strong core, here are a few core exercises to try.

Plank: Plank extensively works the core, back and abs. Apart from creating trunk stability and strength that helps in other workout routines, plank is simple enough and is responsible for working on the glutes, hamstrings and beings in good posture. Plank also has a lot of variations and progressions to try out.

Jackknife: Jackknife engages all the core muscles and is the go-to ab workouts for many. This workout also calls for stabilization throughout which in turn creates stability and strength of the core.

Side Bend: Side bends can be worked on anywhere. It not only works wonderfully on the deep core muscles and the obliques but also on the arms and the back.

Leg Raise: Leg raises works on hip flexors which strengthens and stabilises core. Leg raises is a great workout for the lower abdomen. For people who sit at the desk all day, can get a proper abdomen and hip workout with leg raises. Lower abdomen is generally a hard area to target but leg raises is a great workout for it .

Butterfly Sit up: Butterfly sit ups can be made easier or harder, so it is perfect for beginners. Lie up with sole of the feet touching, like a butterfly. Hands should be stretched overhead. Sit up with your hand outstretched and engaging your cores, till your arms reach your toes.

Panther Shoulder Trap: Absolute stunner of core engagement. It is done by getting on all fours, neck straight and lifting the knees 2-3 inches off the ground. The big move is to tap the right shoulder with your left hand and vice versa, while keeping the hips as stable as possible. It stabilises the core and increases balance.

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