A Few Realistic Ways of Cutting Back on Sugar

There are a few realistic ways in which you can cut back your sugar intake.

Whether you are on a diet or not, it is important to understand the importance of a balanced intake of sugar. While most people would advise you to completely cut off sugar from your diet, the truth is your body cannot handle a complete lack of sugar. Hold your horses! This does not mean that you can load up on the pile of donuts you have been eyeing. However, there are a few realistic ways in which you can cut back your sugar intake.

Understanding Natural versus Added Sugar

According to health experts, sugar intake per day for a woman should not be more than 25g and 36g for that of men. However, this count is in reference to the intake of added sugar. In case of natural sugar that is inherently available in fruits and vegetables, the body is capable of processing it differently since they are replete with nutrients. The trick, therefore, is to choose natural sugar over added sugar found in processed food.

Finding the Main Source of Your Sugar Intake

Reality Check! You may think that you consume very little to no added sugar in your diet, but the truth is you do. It is important to evaluate your daily diet in order to figure out the main source of your added sugar intake. Be it a can of diet coke or the creamers for your coffee, once you figure it out, it becomes easier to swap it for a healthier alternative.

Eat Whole Foods

Being on a healthy diet or trying to cut back on sugar does not necessarily mean that you have to say goodbye to your taste buds. It also does not mean that you have to commit your life to a plate of salad and boring soup. Include whole foods in your diet and when it comes to the sugar part you can just swap it for a natural source. For example, instead of adding an artificial sweetener, use the sweet juice of a fresh vegetable or fruit.

Eat At Regular Intervals Through the Day

Cutting back on sugar does not mean cutting back on food. Most people tend to starve themselves in the name of a diet without realising that it does more harm than good. Balanced meals and eating enough in small amounts throughout the day will keep you sorted.

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