A few of author Daniel Clay works to read

Though only a few words to his credit, each is unique to the other Daniel Clay is an English author who is popular for his works in the literary genre of fiction. Though the 37-year-old author was always passionate about writing, he started his literary career with his first short story was published in 1998. However, Daniel Clay shot to fame with his debut novel Broken that won him many accolades, including being shortlisted for The Commonwealth Writers' Best First Novel Award and The Authors' Club Best First Novel Award.  Here is presenting a few works of Daniel Clay that you must include in your reading list. Speechless Hero Inspired by true incidents, Speechless Hero comes as a true story exploring the life-altering questions as to what would happen when a particular event changes the whole life. The plot of the book is expressed through a young boy in his 16s who faces a series of incidents following his encounters with a local gang. Through the boy, the author has narrated the impact a single event can leave on the person and further bring changes in life altogether. Following the encounter, the boy chooses to attempt things in life that he had never thought of before. From dropping out of school to writing poems and books, the author brings about the various challenges a child faces in life. Broken This is a tale conveying the unconditional love that exists in the family, the support one is for another, the shared struggle, how a family surpasses all together, and the acts of thoughtlessness causing havoc. The plot of the book revolves around Skunk Cunningham, an 11-year-old girl in a coma. She is surrounded by a loving dad, an absent mother, and a brother. With the whole town and the neighbour parts of the plot, Skunk from her hospital bed takes the readers through the events that follow in the town. As you inch closer to the plot of the book and the mystery behind Skunk's coma, you will discover a world that is funny yet tragic. Swap The story of this novel revolves around and is shown through Angela Kenny, who on the outside seems to have it all that a young woman could possibly want. Right from a loving husband to a teenage son, amazing friends, and a steady job, but something doesn't seem to fit in Angela's life. A few others of Daniel Clay's books are Die Bewohner von Drummond Square, Colorado Sun Sets, and The Prophecies.