A few great philosophers you must know about

There are many with great thoughts and living While the usage and hearing of the term philosophy bring a whiff of intellectual air around the head, there are philosophers who have put ideas well into words for the world. The term philosophy in itself is described as the rational and abstract consideration of reality which has been a huge part of the history of civilization and the creation of ideas. There are philosophers who have made contributions through their thinking and writing across various industries and disciplines. So here we are taking a look at famous philosophers of all time one should know about. Abu Hamid al-Ghazali Al-Ghazali was a Persian polymath, influential philosopher, theologians, jurists, logicians, and mystics of Islam. Al-Ghazali's belief led him to write his most revered work entitled Iḥyā' 'ulūm ad-dīn, translated to The Revival of the Religious Sciences. His other works are the Deliverance from Error, the Tahāfut al-Falāsifa, translated to Incoherence of the Philosophers, is a historic landmark in the history of philosophy. The later advances upon the critique of Aristotelian science developed later in 14th-century Europe. Blaise Pascal Reigning in the period from 1623 to 1662, Pascal is generally known for the idea that it's better to believe in God than to be an atheist. A French mathematician, physicist, inventor, philosopher, writer, and Catholic theologian, Pascal is also known as the second greatest French mind behind René Descartes. Pascal, in his work, is also remembered for his opposition to both the rationalism of the likes of Descartes and simultaneous opposition to the main countervailing epistemology. Above all, he deeply cared about the philosophy of religion. Socrates A Greek philosopher from Athens, Socrates is famously known for being a founder of Western philosophy and the first moral philosopher of the ethical tradition of thought. Though he has not personally written anything, Socrates is known mainly through the posthumous accounts of classical writers, in particular, his students Plato and Xenophon. Socrates is also revered for his single-minded dedication to truth and virtue and for his argumentative skill. His thoughts and arguments are written in the form of dialogues. St. Augustine of Hippo Augustine of Hippo was a theologian and philosopher whose writings influenced the development of Western philosophy and Western Christianity. His many important works include The City of God, On Christian Doctrine, and Confessions. St. Augustine of Hippo's writings took to form aspects of Neoplatonic philosophy and the defence of Christian orthodoxy by infusing them with philosophical sophistication.