9 Paradoxes that will change your thoughts on life

We sometimes take life as a straight line which follows the rule of “cause and effect”. However, if we delve deeper, we will see that life is full of paradoxes. Here is a list of nine such paradoxes, which, if conceived, will change our life forever. It is futile to try to impress others. The more we try; it’s possible the less they will be impressed. In an interview board, people are impressed when the candidate’s answers seem to be effortless. It is true for other people also. Sometimes we taunt others for something which we, in our subconscious mind, loath for ourselves. If we resort to body shaming others, it is possible that we are ashamed of our own body. It is often seen that some people are always distrustful in their relationships. A jealous boyfriend may be seen to have a secret relationship with other women. We see others in the light of our own character. Failures are pillars of success, not cause for our downfall. We have many instances of world’s most successful persons who have time and again failed to impress their board members, even fired from their posts, but eventually, they are successful. Fear is often a motivation to progress forward. In order to succeed in life, we must leave our comfort zone. Sometimes we are afraid to approach new path, but if we overcome that, it will be highly rewarding. This is true for admitting mistakes also; once we become true, we will be accepted by other people. Scarcity makes an object more desirable. It is the business tactics of big brands to make their products scarce, so that our brain tells us to go after it, lest we will lose our chance to have it. Our satisfaction varies inversely with our choices. If a restaurant offers us a number of choices, that will make us confused and we won’t be able to decide which one we would choose. Moreover, once we get something, we wonder if we could not get a better offer for the same price. Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said “The only constant in life is change”.  It is so true! Today we see a small seed, within no time it will transform in to a big tree. When change ceases, life stops. Obstacles come as a way of life. But they don’t stop us; the process of overcoming problems is what drives us in life.