8 Creative Mason Jar Dessert Ideas

Prepare to wear the chef hat for here are the coolest dessert recipes to pour in your mason jar.

Everyone doesn’t need to be a fancy chef when it comes to baking finger-licking desserts. The new trend in sweets has been mason jars filled with delight to keep your spoons running through the container to get hold of all the crumbs. Just fetch some really cool mason jars for yourself for here are the coolest dessert recipes to dig in with a spoon! Don’t complain if you are the chef entitled to prepare dessert for every dinner night!

  1. Carrot Cupcake Jar-
Why depend on artificial flavour when you can get it right out of your kitchen garden. Bring out some freshly plucked carrots and prepare a yummy treat smeared with cream in three levels to have the perfect orange and white layered Mason jar, perfect to be served as a winter treat!
  1. Blue Berry Pie Jar-
Why put it out in a pan when it looks perfect stocked in a jar! The beautiful blue baked colour set in layers with whipped cream in between looks pretty and is ideal for feasting on while you crave a sweet snack!
  1. Lemon Blueberry Tart-
For some reason, the combination of blue and yellow just brings the sunset and ocean together. Relish the sweet and tangy taste by filling them in a jar. There is no right time for this dessert! Just dig a spoon in!
  1. Watermelon Cake Jar-
What could be more refreshing than the luscious watermelon baked into a cake? Just take some jars out and fill them up with the yummy cake, and you are the best host for the spring party!
  1. Oats Cake Jar-
Why does it always have to be unhealthy! Grab some jars and soak up the oats to keep the dessert healthy and yummy. Top it with some freshly cut strawberries, blueberries and kiwi to make it the tastiest treat of all.
  1. Marshmallow Chocolate Jar-
The fillings of a chocolate fudge bounced in chocolate spread, and whipped cream does it all. To top the look dab some freshly roasted marshmallows to the lid and make it irresistible for the guests to finish without a word.
  1. French Toast Filled Jar-
Why depend on the ordinary when you can make your own unique recipe. Tear some bits of freshly baked French toast and fill it with your favourite flavour of mayonnaise. Make sure you have it fresh without making it cold and soggy.