7 reasons why you should avoid greasy foods

Eating too much greasy foods? Here’s how it’s affecting your health.

As they say, “You are what you eat”.

Greasy foods are those yummy and mouth-watering foods that are high in fat and calories as they are deeply fried in oil. Be it French fries, cheeseburgers, pizza or anything else, greasy foods are so delicious that we simply cannot resist ourselves from having them. While eating them once a while is nothing to worry about, consuming too much might ruin your health and lead you to some serious issues.

Digestive problems: Greasy foods contain a huge amount of fat which is known as the most slowly digested micronutrient. So, the food gets stored in your stomach for a longer time and forces the digestive system to work harder. This puts excessive pressure on your digestive tract and results in causing bloating, stomach pain, nausea, diarrhea etc.

Obesity: As greasy foods are cooked in excessive fat and oil, consuming them on a regular basis provides your body a lot of calories. Also, as they don’t get digested easily, end up increasing the fat amount of your body. On the other side, greasy foods contain a huge number of calories in a small volume. These are why eating too much of them makes you overweight.

Affects gut microbiome: Your gut microbiome plays a key role in several bodily functions to keep you fit. Several studies have shown that greasy foods harm your gut microbiome and disrupt all those functions. As a result, you develop certain chronic illnesses such as digestive disorders, heart diseases, diabetes, cancer etc.

Diabetes: Consuming greasy foods increases your body weight and causes inflammation, both of which result in causing a spike in your blood sugar level. This leads you to Type-2 diabetes. A study has shown that people who eat greasy foods every day are at 55% higher risk of developing diabetes than people who don’t.

Skin issues: People who eat too much greasy foods often suffer from several types of skin issues. These foods cause inflammation and create a hormonal imbalance in your body, both of which contribute in acne, rashes, breakouts, oily skin etc.

Cardiovascular diseases: Greasy foods damage your heart by increasing blood pressure, reducing HDL cholesterol level and causing obesity. When you consume too much fat, it restricts blood supply to the arteries and leads you to several cardiovascular diseases including heart attack, stroke etc.

Poor brain functions: Eating greasy foods also damages your brain and disrupts its overall functions. It causes inflammation in your brain tissues and leads you to several conditions such as memory loss, poor learning ability etc.

So, say a big “no” to greasy foods and lead a healthy life.

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