7 Metal Jewelry for Sensitive Skin

Metal allergies are a real thing – and it becomes a problem when our skin starts to break out every time we wear our favorite piece of jewelry! While some people are only allergic to jewelry made of nickel or copper, others may have an allergy to any non-pure metal. Let’s take a look at what metal options are probably safe for you as these are hypoallergenic in nature.

  1. Niobium-
Niobium is frequently used for medical implants. It is never plated or painted. It gets its color through anodization in an electric bath. It does contain additives like nickel or lead. It comes in bright blue, yellow, black, grey, and copper tones.
  1. Stainless Steel-
Stainless steel is often created of an alloy that contains steel, chromium, and nickel. If the nickel content of a particular piece is too high, people with nickel allergies may develop blisters. However, it comes in different grades that determine higher and lower nickel and carbon contents. Look for 430 Stainless or XC45 Steel when looking for stainless steel jewelry.
  1. Silver-
Silver jewelry pieces are often silver-plated or silver-filled. Sterling silver is applied through heat treatment to a less costly metal – like brass. However, keep in mind the silver will eventually wear off. If the quantity of silver is lesser, it will wear out quicker. It is a great option for many as you can wear it for many years until the silver eventually wears away.
  1. Gold-
Gold quality is measured in karat counts - 24Kt gold is considered pure gold. However, this metal is extremely soft, in fact, too soft for making jewelry. Jewelry is often made using 14kt gold, which means 14 out of 24 karats comprises pure gold. The other ten parts of it are made from other metals, like copper for rose gold and palladium for white gold. Depending upon which metal you are allergic to, 14kt gold jewelry can be perfect for you.
  1. Platinum-
Platinum is rarer and more durable than gold is. It has a naturally white hue that does not tarnish or develop patina over time. It suits most skin types. If you want a jewelry piece that you can wear all the time, platinum would be a good option.
  1. Tantalum-
This precious metal is 99% pure and gas zero reactive properties. It is resistant to corrosion and very resilient. It is an economical alternative to expensive precious metals. If you want to get a band to wear on your finger, this would be a great choice.