7 Health benefits of pumpkin seeds

While they might be small, pumpkin seeds are full of nutrients that contribute to their health benefits. 

Pumpkin seeds are extracted by removing the flesh from the pumpkin. The flat oval-shaped green seeds are nutritional powerhouses containing proteins, unsaturated fats, iron, calcium, B2, folate, bate-carotene and more.

The seeds can be roasted to eat on their own or can be sautéed with oil and spices to create a crunchy, tasty and healthy snack.

Below we give you some of the health benefits of pumpkin seeds.

  • Balance blood sugar levels

Pumpkin seeds help in preventing diabetic complications like blood sugar levels and high cholesterol. The seeds have hypoglycemic properties that help manage blood sugar levels in diabetic patients.

  • Improves heart health

These seeds are a good source of magnesium, zinc, antioxidants and fatty acids, which help keep the heart-healthy. Furthermore, they also contain alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) and studies have proven that the ALA content in pumpkin seeds helps prevent cardiovascular diseases.

  • Boosts immunity

Pumpkin seeds contain zinc and vitamin E that aids in boosting the immunity system. Additionally, the seeds also have antimicrobial, antiviral and antifungal properties that help the body fight infections and bacteria.

  • Promotes digestive health

A great source of dietary fibre, a single serving of pumpkin seeds provides almost 1.1 grams of fibre, which is essential to keep the digestive system in check.

  • Improves sleep

Pumpkin seed is a good source of magnesium. Studies have shown that magnesium helps improve the quality of sleep. Additionally, the seeds also contain amino acid tryptophan, which is a precursor for serotonin and melatonin – both of which help in inducing sleep.

  • Aids in weight loss

Pumpkin seeds are a good source of fibre and proteins, which makes you full for a longer time. It reduces mid-meal cravings and the number of calories consumed in a day, leading to weight loss.

  1. Strong bones

The magnesium in pumpkin seeds helps with mineralization and the growth and strength of bones. It also prevents osteoporosis in women post-menopause.

Pumpkin seeds are highly-nutritious and antioxidant-rich food that has many health benefits.

Adding them to your diet is very easy. If you do not like the taste of the seeds, you can add them to smoothies, smoothie bowls, juice or shakes.

Have a healthy day!

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