7 Hacks For Chopping Veggies And Fruits Like A Pro

Want to know the expert technique of slicing vegetables and fruits? Here it is.

Have you ever watched cookery channels and envied how quickly the chefs slice the vegetables? It’s almost as if they were already chopped! You can imitate the moves on a banana, but trying that on an onion or a potato would seriously test your strength. But don’t lose heart, it is merely the technique that helps you slice flawlessly and not magic! Here is the secret of using suitable blades and applying force from the right angle to help you chop like a professional in no time.


As complicated as it looks, cauliflower is one of the easiest to work with. Hold it by its stem and slice it from the middle with a thick knife. Once the veggie is split in half, it is all about cutting the florets off one by one at moderate length, so it cooks up quickly.


You might want to start with safety goggles! Remove the head button and cut them in half. Slice equal pieces horizontally and hold them tight while you rotate the onion till you have small boxes. Use a sharp, thick knife.


Don’t go by looks; it is actually relatively easy! Chop off the crown and peel the eyes off the body. Once the fruit is trimmed, leave the centre spine and cut the fruit into small pieces. Plug in toothpicks and sprinkle some spices before devouring it!


A pomegranate will put your skills to the test. Chop the fruit in half and pull out the grains with a spoon. Rub it lightly between your palms till you can see the peel separated from all seeds.


You can start with this one! Cut the mango vertically and then slice it up individually. Push the peels from outside and slice them to create blocks that can be eaten by holding the peel.


The chopping of beans causes maximum finger cut. To protect the fingers, place multiple beans on the chopping board and hold them by curling your fingers inwards. Keep a steady difference between the stems and drop them in a basket.

Bell Pepper

A must for all exotic dishes, bell pepper slicing needs technique. Chop it horizontally into two or three pieces and remove the seeds from the membrane. Dice it into your desired size and make your curry colourful.

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