7 Fruits That Make the Best Face Pack

Make your skin glow with these yummy and nourishing homemade fruit packs.

Tired of rubbing synthetic face packs on your skin? Well, we have fruits to the rescue! Here are the recipes to the yummiest face packs that you can make with the ripe fruits at your home and get a glowing salon finish skin all by yourself.

  1. Papaya Honey Face Pack-
The goodness of ripe papaya takes all dead cells away and keeps tanning at bay. All you need is a spoonful of overripe papaya and mash it with half a spoon of honey. Apply on your face and wait for ten minutes and then wash it away. Use it thrice a week for soft and glowing skin.
  1. Avocado And Kiwi Face Pack-
Something to stop wrinkles, you ask? Kiwi and avocado is the answer. The presence of vitamin C and E improves your skin health and regenerates damaged skin to make it flawless and turgid forever.
  1. Banana Berry Face Pack-
Bustling with vitamin A the face pack will keep you feeling refreshed after a long day. The enormous source of antioxidants keeps your skin rejuvenated and oil-free to give you the perfect fresh look.
  1. Apple Orange Face Pack-
The combination of apple and orange does wonder as the powerhouse of vitamin A, B, C and E get rid of tan and gives you the nutrition to keep them lush and plump from within. It can be used from dry to oily skin and does not create any rashes if left for long.
  1. Strawberry And Chocolate Face Pack-
Yes, you read it right, and no it's not a cake recipe! The delicious-looking combination is what your skin needs to get rid of tan and lighten the skin tone. All you need is some cocoa powder and strawberry pulp to apply on your face for 10 minutes.
  1. Apple And Grapes Face Pack-
Something to act as a natural UV protection from the sun? Apple and grapes to the rescue. The rich source of vitamin C and A helps you fight acne keeping your skin firm and tight and forever bright.
  1. Mango Face Pack-
Mango is more than just the yummy summer taste. The excellent moisturizers rejuvenate your skin from within and unclog pores keeping it acne-free. Applying the pack once a week will give you the visible glow you yearn for.