7 Free things to do in Bangkok

A list of top free things to do in Bangkok if you are low on cash Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, is every budget traveller’s heaven. However, once you reach there, there are a lot of attractions and must-see things that might cost you a few bucks. But if you are low on it, do not fret as there a lot of things to do in the city which are free of cost: Explore Bangkoks Parks In Bangkok, there are a handful of parks which are fun to explore, from Lumpini Park that have monitor lizards to Benjakiti Park, which offers backdrops of the entire city. You can also check out SanamLuang, Benjakiti Park, Benjasiri Park, and Queen Sirikit Park. Watch People OnKhao San Road If you have been to Bangkok, you must know that Khao San Road is quite lively as you can see a lot of people and enjoy live music. Since there are a lot of clubs for spare change, this road will keep your entertainment high. Head to The Flower Market Pak KlongTalad, known as the Bangkok Flower Market, is as colorful as it can get as there are so many different flowers in one place which are scenic too. You can head here to witness foliage or purchase cheap, plastic bundles of roses, orchids, and more. If you do not have money, just meander here for the freshness. Photograph The Ministry of Defense The Ministry of Defense in Bangkok might not make the itineraries of all those tourists but if you are someone who finds old architecture impressive, you can definitely utilize it for a free photo op or two. Explore the Chatuchak Weekend Market Chatuchak Weekend Market, one of the largest markets in Asia, is best for shopping but if you are not planning on breaking your banks, just head here to explore the over abundance of stalls and you can pass your time easily. Attend A Free Concert At Lumpini Park Home to a plethora of monitor lizards, the Lumpini Park is also famous for the free concerts held almost every Sunday evening here during the cool season. Go there and listen to the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra that holds ‘Concert in the Park’. Go To A Gallery If you are an art lover, you will be surprised to know that Bangkok is home to a lot of free galleries that have a stack full of stunning pieces of work. The Museum of Contemporary Art in Bangkok (MOCA), WTF Bangkok, and Bangkok University Gallery (BUG) do not charge any entry fees either.