7 Essential Fine Dining Etiquettes Everyone Should Know

Table manners are a whole new story when it comes to following the correct rules. If you are unsure what to do at a formal dinner, we are here to help.

Eating at your home and eating outside is not the same. Once you are at a restaurant, you will be judged by the way you lift your spoon, the way you chew, and even the way you place your hand. If you are unsure what to do at a public dinner, here are some easy rules to follow.

Don’t Pick Your Menu From The Table

In formal dining, the menu should always be kept in one place. If you’re looking at the menu, ensure that the bottom of the menu is still touching the table.

Drink From The Same Spot

When you drink water from the glass, you have to set your lips on the exact same spot for the remainder of the evening. This will help you lessen the lipstick mark or food remainders.

Don’t Clink

A clinking sound can damage the glass, mainly when you’re using high-quality glassware. Also, the less noise you make in very formal dining setup, the better.

Never Request An Oyster Fork

Once you’ve done the oyster, flip the shell upside down onto the plate to indicate that you’re finished. In the event that there is no oyster spoon on the table, don’t bother asking for one. The absence of an oyster fork indicates that the oyster is already loose and ready to be eaten.

Make Sure You Keep The Edges On Your Plate Spotless 

This is a sign of respect for the staff who must clear the plates. They will also be held at the edges.

Set Discards On The Upper Left Portion Of The Plate

The upper left part of your plate is for discards. If you had a lemon rind you didn’t want to eat, that would go on the upper left-hand part of your plate. The bottom right is for sauces and butter.

Place Your Bread In The Bowl

This means that you need to apply butter to the loaf while it’s still on the plate. However, you should not butter the entire slice at one time. Cut off the portion you intend to eat, butter the piece, and then raise the bread to place into your mouth. This applies to muffins, bagels, biscuits, and other bread-like items.

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