7 Edibles That Will Root Your Hair Strongly to Your Scalp

Crave for long and healthy hair? Here are the choicest of food that will keep your hair nourished and protected against hair fall.

There is nothing more painful than seeing strands of your hair dive from your scalp and having to tie a lanky ponytail loitering on your back. Your food intake has a lot to do with your hair and skin growth, and we often dwell on fast food and lament over hair fall and other problems rooted in unhealthy eating habits. Wish there was some way to reverse the curse of thin hair? Here are the healthiest of food that will sustain your hair and keep it from falling apart.

  1. Blueberries-

The loaded doses of vitamin C are what you need to trigger the oxygen circulation to the maximum in your hair follicles. Including it in your diet will help you prevent breakage and split ends from enjoying lush, silky hair all year round.

  1. Walnuts-

One of the best hair treatment ingredients, walnuts are what you need to repair damaged hair. The rich source of omega-3, biotin, vitamin E, copper and fatty acid protects your hair against damage and give a natural shine to protect your hair from excess sun exposure.

  1. Cottage Cheese-

The low fat cottage cheese will give you all the protein and calcium you need. You can easily include it in your meals, and the best part is, you will have healthy hair and skin without putting on the extra pounds on your waist!

  1. Green Peas-

The well balanced green pea is what you need to keep your hair healthy. Loaded with zinc, vitamin B and iron, it is what you need to maintain a healthy scalp with zero chances of dandruff or hair fall.

  1. Lentils-

Including lentils in your diet for at least 3-4 times, a week gives a visible improvement in your hair growth. The folic acid warehouse oxidizes your scalp and gives you the much-needed cell growth for your hair to grow long and healthy.

  1. Bell Peppers-

Don’t leave out any colour of bell pepper in your diet as they are the storehouse of Vitamin C. assisting in the formation of collagen helps in the growth of your hair and keeps hair breaking at bay.

  1. Whole Grains-

Rich sources of fibres and nutrients, whole grains are superfoods that keep your hair healthy. It improves your digestion and lets full circulation of nutrients to your hair.

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