6 ways to show love for dogs and cats beyond cuddling

Are you an animal lover? From adopting a street dog to getting them vaccinated, here are ways to show love to furry friends beyond physical affection.

The modern world is stressful and one of the ways to brighten up mood and alleviate stress is spending time with our wonderful animal companions. Even people who are not pet parents enjoy cuddling, patting or playing with dogs and cats. However, your furry friends need more than these loving gestures and need to be taken care of in order to live a happy and healthy life. For instance, adopting a street dog, or getting your pets vaccinated, or helping an injured animal are ways you can show your love and care for these lovable creatures.

Here are 6 ways suggested by Abodh Aras, Chief Executive Officer, The Welfare of Stray Dogs(WSD) to show love for your dogs and cats beyond cuddling:

1. Adopt, don’t shop

One of the biggest gestures of showing love to dogs and cats is by giving them a forever home and creating a safe and secure environment for them. Very often we have been told that it is better to adopt a dog or a cat instead of buying one. The ills of puppy mills and breeding are well known. Make a difference to their lives by adopting them.

Tip: Adopt a dog or a cat which otherwise is less likely to get adopted. Think beyond puppies. Adopt a three-legged cat or a senior dog. They need even more love.

2. Get your dogs and cats sterilised and vaccinated

Another important gesture of love towards dogs and cats is by being responsible and getting them sterilized and vaccinated. This is for community members as well as pet parents. This ensures a healthier street animal population and also lessens cruelty towards the animals.

Every pet parent must ensure regular check-ups and veterinary care to maintain your four-legged friends overall health.

3. Spend quality time with your four-legged friends

If you’re a pet parent, make sure you make it a point to spend quality time with dogs and cats, especially if you have a busy lifestyle. You can plan many indoor and outdoor socializing events with your pets including taking them to a pet-friendly café, arranging pet playdates and engaging them with toys or puzzles.

4. Volunteer with an animal welfare organisation

Volunteering with an animal shelters and NGOs is one of the best way to extend love to dogs and cats. You can sign up to be a dog walker on the weekends, can help out with grooming and bathing dogs, or take them for car rides.

You can also help and love them indirectly by assisting with fund-raising, in social media campaigns, in education and outreach and in various events.

5. Education and awareness

Teach others to love dogs and cats too. Spread awareness amongst your community, building or society about the dogs and cats that live in the neighbourhood. Encourage them to get involved in the loving and caring of community animals. It is important to build a network of support. Children and young adults of today are much more sensitive and caring towards street dogs and cats.

6. Help injured dogs and cats

Lastly, if you see an animal in distress or sick, call a local organization in your area. You can also take the animal to the hospital, an organization or a vet but do follow proper precautions.

Tip: You can also learn basic first-aid for animals from experts so that minor ailments can be treated.

Disclaimer: This Article is auto-generated from the HT news service.