6 style tips for the holiday season

The holidays are a prime time to get the best wardrobe out. With the holiday season approaching parties and dinners are sure to bring a lot of people together. It is that time of the year when your favourite cousin visits, closest of friends come together for the season. Getting outfits together for the gatherings can be a task. You could just throw on a sweater or a favourite coat, wear layers to keep yourself warm. But if you take pleasure in dressing the best of your capabilities, a sweater or a fancy coat just won’t cut it. Here are a few style tips that would help you stand out in the holiday crowd. Get a statement warm outerwear It will be freezing since its winter so a statement coat is a must have. A chic coat, a Christmas sweater, a knitted glove – have a statement winter clothing. Sweaters, coats, pullovers, cardigans – whatever you choose – make sure that will be the first thing people will see. A chic evening coat works well for holiday fashion. Tis the season to sparkle Glitter is totally acceptable in holiday fashion. A metallic blazer, sequinned top, crystal cased shoes, even velvet can be your shimmering glittery piece. A piece of glittery clothing feels like the holiday season as long as you don’t overdo it. Like if you get a sequinned top under a chic coat, it’s good. Pop of colour makes everything good Even if black dresses and clothing look best for dinners all year round, adding a pop of colour to your holiday wardrobe is not unusual. Get into the spirit of the holiday by injecting colour to your look. A pop of neon, burgundy, green, shades of red are all great colours to add to your look. Have a statement accessory You can add a bold statement accessory – a large tote bag, ring the size of a doorknob, eye-catching jewellery, red shoes (if you dare!). Adding a statement accessory gives focus to that accessory and no one notices you’re wearing a jacket from three years back. Keep the denims out of holiday fashion Keep your favourite faded jeans and denims in the closet. Instead add velvet trousers in red or green or other colours. Lace, sequins in bottom wear is pretty neat for the holiday season as well. Test out your holiday look before hand Try out the look beforehand. If you’re doing a new hairdo, or new makeup, instead of premiering on the day, test out the new look a few days before. It boosts your confidence, and you can even ask for constructive criticism.