6 Steps To Take Care Of Your Eyes

Eye-related problems are a rising concern among people, and taking care of them the right way will ensure long life, free of spectacles and surgeries for a longer time. No matter how hard you try to relax, as long as you have a blazing screen in your hard, it's hard to say that your eyes are at rest. With our rising indulgence on screen, our eyes have dealt with the wrath of it and often need medical help to retain their power of sight. To ensure you maintain healthy eyes, here are a few things to include in your routine. Consume A Balanced And Healthy Diet It's essential to eat diverse foods to maintain eye health. Food rich in Omega 3 fatty acids provides essential eye nutrients and vitamins. Consuming various fruits and vegetables, including green and yellow leafy vegetables, provides the essential vitamins needed for good eyesight. Get Regular Exercise Regular exercise can help you avoid high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol. All of these can cause chronic eye problems that may affect your vision. Wear Sunglasses Which Block UVA As Well As UVB Light. Most people spend hours on electronic devices like mobile phones, tablet computers, and laptops each day. These devices emit high-energy blue light waves, which can harm your eyes over time. Sunlight exposure can cause damage to your eyesight and increase your chances of developing cataracts, age-related macular degeneration, cornea inflammation (keratitis), and corneal growths, like Pterygia and pingueculae. Supplementing with lutein and zeaxanthin will help your eyes block blue light. Cleanse Your Hands Before Touching Your Eyes It is essential for people who wear contact lenses to cleanse their hands and dry them using a towel before they touch their eyes. This is because the germs and bacteria inserted into your eyes through your fingers could cause eye infections such as pink eye and bring cold and flu-like viruses to your body. Safety Glasses Are Required For The Most Basic Of Tasks You shouldn't put your eyes at risk when you opt for the most unusual DIY projects at home. Several eye injuries occur while doing simple things like hanging a picture or dealing with sharp objects. Have A Dilated Eye Examination Each Two Years With regular eye exams, your eye doctor will be able to detect the signs of these diseases at an early stage, when they're more easily treated before any loss of vision occurs. Many eye diseases are treatable or reversed if detected while you are young.