6 Musical Instruments to Make For Your Kids

The most creative musical toys to make will enhance your kid's development while keeping your craft innovative and useful.

Music makes everything better, and when it comes to your little kids, there is nothing that keeps them more engaged than a rattling piece of drumming to beat. The small rattle toys help them build their cognitive skills and fostering their concentration. Here are some of the coolest musical toys to make for your little ones that will help them develop and challenge your creativity skills.

  1. Hand Drum-
There is nothing more engaging than a hand drum for your kids to rotate and have a gala time giggling to the beat. It's fun to carry around and fit it in the kid's handbag to keep them occupied while travelling. All you need is beads, a sturdy box and some nylon strings to wrap around it and create the beat.
  1. A Tambourine-
The best part about it is, it gets as colourful as you like. All you need is a circular piece of cardboard. One good idea is to recycle the cardboard base you get from the bakeries' round cakes. Cut it into a semi-circle and plunge holes on the rim to add bells on the ridges. You can colour the tambourine as a rainbow and see your toddler gaze at it while you get all the time to feed them!
  1. The Rattle Cylinder-
Probably the easiest ones to make, all you need is cylinder cardboard. The best use of leftover tissue paper role! Cover up the hollows with thick paper before you seal them to put some rattling beads in it. Make sure you seal it up really well to avoid choking hazard for your kids.
  1. Music Anklets-
There is nothing cuter than your kids walking around with anklets jingling to their footsteps. Make a cute one by adding some pompoms and bells to the anklet, so your kids have something colourful and melodious to hop around with.
  1. Gulmohar Pods-
Bring nature at home by collecting some dried Gulmohar buds and painting them. They are natural rattles and give an earthly edge to your home once you decide to decorate your home with it.
  1. Spoon Maracas-
Make gleeful maracas with only spoons! Bring colourful decorative tape and wrap around the spoons by adding some beat rattles to ring inside. Not only are they perfect to fit in your bag, but they are also easy to make and will keep your kids busy for a long time.