5 Ways to stay social without using video cams

Here are fun ways to enjoy being social in creative ways.

Maintaining social connections is important for our wellbeing and mental health. However, it can be exhausting keeping up relationships with friends and family virtually over video chat constantly. Unexpected glitches can also make it harder to have a proper conversation. You may even be experiencing Zoom fatigue. If you are not a big fan of staying connected with loved ones through video chat, fret not. There are many more creative ways to do just that. Here are a few simple and easy ways to stay social without using video cams.

  1. Initiate a virtual book club

Select a book you like and ask friends to join in on the reading fun and organize a discussion around it.  This will help you stay active and engaged.  It will also give you a sense of purpose and you can enjoy discussing something you are all reading together.

  1. Get active together

If you love to stay in shape, participate in a workout class online with friends. There are many classes to choose from, like yoga, dance and Zumba. This way you will have someone by your side to hold you accountable to your fitness goals. You will also have something to look forward to in your day.

  1. Cook the same recipe

Food is a great way to connect with people. You may be physically apart from loved ones, but you can cook the same dish together to create some fun memories. Make an old family recipe or try a dish you have always wanted. Share pictures of your dish and discuss what you liked about the meal with loved ones.

  1. Create and send a care package

A care package is a great way to show someone how much you care. Put together a box of their favourite snacks, books and whatever you think is special to them. Send it off to someone who could really use a pleasant surprise. It’s a sweet way to make connections deeper.

  1. Make a phone call

It may sound old-fashioned, but making a phone call can sometimes be better than making a video call, which can feel awkward at times. Make time to have long conversations where you can be present and listen to each other. It is a simple but effective way to stay connected and social.

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