5 Ways Optical Illusions Can Make You Look Slimmer In Your Clothes

Here are some clothes that can make you appear leaner than you are. Read on to know them all.

Most people believe that putting on weight is the main cause of their unflattering appearance. But if that were the case, designers wouldn't put in the time and effort to create garments that both flatter and conceal the body's natural contours and bulges. The art of dressing well allows you to transform your body into a form you find more flattering. If the magic of clothing illusions has piqued your interest and you wish to learn more, continue reading!

Wearing darker colors might help disguise your body's wider areas

If you want to make a specific portion of your body look smaller, darker colors work best. However, you'll need to wear a more vivid color for this task. This is because our eyes automatically scale dark shapes down to make room for their lighter equivalents. If your upper body is too wide, try wearing a black shirt with white pants. The sharp contrast between the colors will make your upper and bottom halves appear smaller than they actually are.

Dress in vertical stripes

Vertical stripes provide the illusion of a longer, slimmer body. Keep in that a longer figure gives the impression of more curvature. That's why it's preferable to go for clothing with thinner stripes and tighter spacing between them. Wearing slacks or skirts without side panels might help draw attention away from your hips.

Make Clever Use of Horizontal Stripes

You've probably heard that clothes with horizontal lines should be avoided wherever possible. The perfect way to wear items that actually look amazing may accentuate your body, but there is still a wrong approach. Wearing vertical stripes might help you achieve a better proportion between your upper and lower parts. For a larger bust, for instance, try positioning the stripes higher up. Another great option for curvy ladies is horizontal stripes, which draw attention to the body's natural curves. Since the 1960s, fashion has favored the use of clashing hues in apparel, a risky strategy for creating optical illusions. It entails sporting garments with bright, contrasting colors placed in strategic patterns made up of lines and geometric shapes. Dresses with low necklines, strong geometric shapes, and bold color contrasts might help you look slimmer than you really are.

To Make Your Curves Pop, Combine Horizontal & Vertical Stripes

Counterintuitively, you could look taller if you draw a straight path across your chest or lower torso. Why? This is an optical illusion brought on by the rule that states that the greater the vertical distance your eyes must travel before reaching a horizontal line, the longer the shadow will appear. Shorts and dresses with a bold stripe around the hem are a great choice. This shoulder detail on a shirt might potentially do the trick.

Dress in a High-Waisted Style

Wearing waist-cinching trousers or a skirt creates the optical illusion of a clear demarcation between your lower and upper parts. If you wish to fool others into thinking you have completely different proportions, you can try making your legs look longer. You may get that style by wearing high-waisted denim, shorts, pants, or even just a belt over the belly button.