5 Ways How Attachment Style Affects Your Relationship

How to build a healthy relationship with your peers and mature an attachment with them.

The secret to a happy and peaceful life is building a strong relationship with the people around you. The common notion that relationship involves only the romantic and intimate relationship between two people is not complete. Relationships can be between any two people wanting to invest time and emotions in each other. Wish to strengthen the bond and bring out the best of your relation? Here are ways how your attachment and behaviour affect your relationship with your peers.

  1. The Way Of Attachment-

When in a relationship, every human reacts to a person differently. The attachment style predicts how you handle the relation. Every person has a different approach in responding to a person. Their experience, pattern of thinking and behaviour determine how they react to the people in and around them.

  1. Your Attachment Style-

Attachment style can be broadly divided into four kinds. Secure, preoccupied, fear-avoidant and dismissive-avoidant. All relationships a human endures is coated with different circumstances and their response to intimacy, jealousy and trust. Analyzing various aspects of the relationship determines how they begin, develops and perish.

  1. Committing To The Person-

People who detest dismissive people are the ones least committed. Commitment patterns call for people who are relatively secure in the relationship. It is seen that people who have experienced heartbreak or have been deceived tend to feel uncomfortable with emotional attachment and keep a very superficial and cordial relationship with whomever they meet.

  1. Trust And Jealousy-

Often treated as enemies of any relationship, it is relatively simple and natural. Of all emotions, jealousy tickles you emotionally attached to someone. It helps you identify threats in a relationship and is perfectly healthy if kept in the right proportion. Of course, acting out of jealousy can be problematic as it can get other feeling attached to sadness and anger and restrict the person’s independence because of your own inquisitiveness.

  1. Emotional Intimacy With The Person-

Emotional intimacy works best with the person you love, or with family. The ability to care and feel comfortable with your partner makes you build a healthy intimate contact. The capability to negotiate and stay securely connected to the person develops deeper bonds. It helps you express yourself truly while being attached to the other person in your relationship.

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