5 things you only learn by living together

Cohabitation teaches a lot. And that’s true. Living together brings out aspects in the relationship that you’ve never faced, and you really get to know the person – how accommodating they are, how good they are with money, how they take up household chores, what’s their sleeping pattern, how tidy are they, how clean are they in the bathroom and so on. You see our real selves come out when we are in the comforts of our home and that is exactly the place where we learn more about your cohabitation partner. Here are the things you can only learn by living together If they are clean Sure, they have lived with you many times and have always picked up after themselves btu they were a guest at that time. Do they leave their unwashed underwear with a pile of freshly washed clothes? Or do they do laundry every other day? Do they have stacks of pizza boxes hiding under the sink or every day is a garbage day for them? There’s no way of knowing their likeness to cleanliness until you are living with them. How financially responsible are they You must already know they are independent but how they spend the money also says a lot. Do they talk about being broke but order in every other day? You can only learn about their money habits after you have moved in together. How they take up household chores Is you man a proud feminist until you move in, and the subtle sexism comes to the surface? It’s common. If you are moving in with a man, you can finally see how important or unimportant it is for him that the household chores get divided equally. Even when living together with a friend, you will learn how responsibly they take up the chores in the house like if they wash the dirty dishes when it’s their turn in time or wat for you to do it. How they keep the groceries Only when you live together with someone, you will know how groceries are treated. Are they the kind of person who buys groceries as much and as when they are needed? Or they buy two weeks’ worth of groceries and live off of them. Or do they live their green veggies in the fridge but never attempt to eat them? Only way to tell is when you share the groceries. If they really like your friends You might have common friends who you and your partner might casually hang out with. When you live together, your partner might not like having people over every weekend. You will also find out which friends of yours they actually like and which ones they just tolerate because you invited them over.