5 Things You Need To Check Before Opting For Destination Wedding

Destination wedding has become the new age sensation for making your marriage picture perfect. Here are a few things to keep in mind before saying yes to the place.

Planning a wedding is not a cakewalk, and some need a year of preparation before the D date. Destination weddings have added charm in making the marriage look extra gorgeous and attractive. We love that the event manager takes responsibility while the families and concentrate on enjoying themselves. If you have gone through the catalog of destination weddings and wondered if it is something you should consider for your special day, we are here to help. Go through these points and know for yourself if a destination wedding suits the kind of vision you have for your marriage.

Costly Affair

Be it in your own country or abroad, a destination wedding takes a toll on your savings. You have to consider the tickets, the price of bookings, the number of guests and the list is really long. Also, the vendors and shops around such places are usually expensive. So it is your call if you want to drain it on the wedding or save it for the honeymoon.

Gifts Will Be Late

Gifts are a big part of the wedding, and opening all the gifts crammed up in a room is another level of excitement. However, destination wedding forbids people from carrying big gifts with themselves and hence your gifts will probably be sent to you after the wedding and at different timings.

Farther Destination More Money

You might have a particular place in mind, but the farther the place is, the more money it will need. Also, there are some places where particular hotels and forts are explicitly made for attending such celebrations, and you can guess the price. Even if you have a destination wedding in mind, make sure it is located in the same state to reduce costs.

Difficulty In Coordination

Once you are in a foreign place, coordination becomes a considerable problem. In ceremonies like a wedding, there could be a need for something you least expect, and getting it then and there at a foreign destination will be a bigger problem to solve.

There Could Be A Weather Crisis

Most destination weddings are held outdoors, and there could be sudden changes in the weather that you have no control over. Especially if our wedding is arranged in a coastal area, make sure you have a plan B and keep an option to take refuge if the downpour doesn’t stop.