5 Reasons Why You Need To Keep Your Phone Away When You

Keeping away from your phone has several health benefits. Let us know why it is a good idea to keep the phone away while going to bed.

We know how challenging surviving without a phone can be. This simple device not only connects you with the world but also helps you enter the digital world through it. The smarter the technology gets, the more we rely on the phone, but doesn’t it sound too good to be true? Of course, when something is this addictive, it is bound to have its share of drawbacks. Let us now go over to what are the benefits of keeping away from your phone when you go to bed.

Protection From Radiation

Your cell phones emit non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation that is easily absorbed by the tissues of your body. Even if you have to place your phone in your room, make sure you switch it off or keep it in airplane mode.

You Will Priorities Better Things

Once you get in the habit of keeping your phone outside the bedroom, you will save time to do other vital things that usually get neglected. For example, you could save time for an excellent skincare routine; you could also arrange your cupboard or engage in a DIY project to decorate your room.

It Will Be More Relaxing

You might not realize it, but we are way more addicted to our phones than we know of. Keeping your phone away from you a few hours before sleeping can be a relaxing time for you and will help you stay calm and concentrate better.

Read Book Instead

We know you can save all your favorite books on your phone and tablet as well, and where is the fun if you can’t flip over the pages and compare how many pages you have read each night! Make sure you take it up as a challenge and finish at least one chapter of each book before going to bed.

No More Insomnia

Insomnia is a growing problem in today’s generation. Not keeping your phone near you a few hours before sleeping can improve your sleep pattern and help you fight insomnia thoroughly. Instead of relying on white music and sleep videos, you will be able to sleep automatically without the need for any additional help.

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